Roger Parry


Roger Parry Biography

Roger Parry (1905-1977) was born in Paris. Parry met the well-known Surrealist photographer Maurice Tabard in 1928. Tabard taught Parry photography and became his darkroom assistant when Tabard was appointed head of the advertising agency Deberny-Peignot. The two men worked together in the darkroom, exploring superimposition, negative printing, and other avant-garde techniques. That same year, Parry met the novelist André Malraux, who facilitated the publication of the 1930 book Banalité, which included text by the poet Léon Paul Fargue and photographs by Parry. For Banalité, Parry used lighting and darkroom techniques to transform everyday objects into something more dream-like and surreal. Parry’s work was frequently included in Art et Métiers Graphiques, which published work by the leading photographers of the time, and the literary magazine La Nouvelle Review Français.