News: Khalik Allah in BLIND, July  6, 2023 - J.P. Sniadecki

Khalik Allah in BLIND

July 6, 2023 - J.P. Sniadecki

...This conversation was recorded in my home in Chicago in January 2023. Khalik was wrapping up a short residency with us at Northwestern, and we were sitting by a fire with my dog, Mogu, in the mix....

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Allen Frame in The Gay and Lesbian Review

July 1, 2023 - Irene Javors

Torward a Photography of Depth

...A discussion of Frame’s artistic work requires an understanding of the multiple influences upon his creative imagination. He draws on so many streams of awareness to fuel his aesthetic: growing up in rural Mississippi, his love of film noir and Southern gothic writers (he includes Faulkner and Williams), his experiences as a gay Southerner moving north to attend Harvard, his arrival in New York and his immersion in the downtown arts scene of the 1980s, the horror of AIDS, and the loss of so many friends. He discusses his need to express himself in a range of media: photography, film and video, plays, and essays. He describes a desire to dive deeply into the “heart of darkness” of both the personal and societal unconscious...

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The Boston Globe

June 17, 2023 - Mark Feeney

Roswell Angier, whose Combat Zone photos captured part of Boston history, dies at 82

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Remembering Roswell Angier | The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at TUFTS

June 16, 2023 - Bonnie Donohoe, Jim Dow, and Eulogio Guzmán

...Roswell was an old soul who exuded curiosity, wisdom, and all-around calmness as he photographed with a compassionate but unblinking eye...

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Roswell Anger and Susan Hawley NEW BOOK

June 6, 2023 - The MIT Press with Afterword by Ramona Emerson

A poignant artistic collaboration, showing how history and mythology converge in the Navajo communities in and around Gallup, New Mexico.

Taking a fresh approach to personal documentary, Gallup combines Roswell Angier's photographs, Susan Hawley's watercolor paintings, and both of their journal entries, as they explore the time they spent in Gallup, New Mexico in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Gallup is a place where histories and myths meet, and Angier and Hawley work through diverse media to portray a place where many versions of Native and American life have flowed together. They show that Gallup is both beautiful and difficult to know, in a way that reflects the long shadow of Native American disenfranchisement.

Sober about social realities, Angier and Hawley nevertheless find lighthearted humor in the daily life of Gallup. They take us from the Navajo creation story to motels, from a rodeo to an inherited suitcase of Plains Indian artifacts. Through images, we travel from Canyon de Chelly to Chaco Canyon, from fast food joints to bars. Beyond the picturesque clichés offered by the desert, full of Airstream trailers and sunsets, we find struggles over personal and group identity at one of America's crossroads, where a billboard once read “Welcome to the Indian Capital of the World.”


Roswell Angier in The Guardian

May 17, 2023 - Interview by Thomas Waver

Navajo cowboys impersonating John Wayne: Roswell Angier’s best photograph

‘This was taken in the Indian Head Bar, a seedy place in Arizona. The men were fascinated by Wayne since The Hallelujah Trail was filmed around there. Yet Wayne wasn’t in it.'

Before I actually went there, I knew nothing about the town of Gallup in New Mexico. I was familiar with a Robert Frank photograph of a sombre Navajo cowboy, taken surreptitiously in a bar there in the 1950s that was published in his classic book The Americans. The picture stayed with me. The place did not. But I decided to go there because of an exchange I had with my father in 1966...

image: ‘An in-between place where people collided with each other’ … Indian Head Bar, 1980 by Roswell Angier. 

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News: Allen Frame in AnOther, March 24, 2023 - Sara Rosen

Allen Frame in AnOther

March 24, 2023 - Sara Rosen

A Snapshot of New York’s 1980s Art Scene on the Precipice of Aids

Allen Frame’s photographs are on view 31 March – 2 April 2023 at the Gitterman Gallery booth during The Photography Show presented by AIPAD at Center415 in New York.

Frame’s photographs are a testament to the power of community, creation and preservation, offering a gentle reminder that doing the work is paramount...

Having worked in the theatre, Frame instinctively cast his friends in a stage of his own making that would later reveal itself in the print, each person caught in a moment that is at once intense, innocent, and intimate – the perfect recipe for romance. His images are potent moments of silence that hold everything together while still open to promise and possibility, much like the spaces between notes in a song...

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March 10, 2023 - Loring Knoblauch

What he saved for his family

As an artist nears the end of his or her life, in addition to working through the inevitable questions of how the estate will be managed in the future, it is often the case that the artist sets aside works for family, friends, and loved ones, so that they don’t get overlooked, inadvertently sold off, or lost in the shuffle. And in the years before he died in 2014, the British photographer Roger Mayne did just this, working with gallerist Tom Gitterman to box up a selection of the last vintage prints from some of his favorite and most noted images from the 1950s, which became known as Ann's Box (for his wife Ann Jellicoe and their family). This tightly-edited show is made up of works from that personal cache, the prints having now drifted down the generations.

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Roger Mayne in BLIND

March 1, 2023 - Colin Pantall

West London’s Working-Class

Roger Mayne’s pictures of London in the 1950s capture a city on the verge of change. In his images, you can see the destruction of the Second World War and the dullness of austerity mixing with the dynamism of migration and the rise of youth cultures. He shows a city that is alive, where the tarmac, the pavements, and the houses are part of a living culture that will come into full bloom in the decades to come.

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News: GITTERMAN @ VON LINTEL, February 17, 2023


February 17, 2023

Gitterman Gallery will present a selection of vintage photographic works in the viewing room of Von Lintel Gallery from February 17th through 19th as a part of Photo Forward Los Angeles (produced by Photographic Arts Council LA). In addition we will be participating in the special event sponsored by FRIEZE Saturday, February 18th from 5–8 pm.
Gitterman and Von Lintel have had a long collegial relationship and share representation of several artists. We have a similar passion for both art historical and contemporary work and take great pleasure in seeing the dialogue between art from different periods and how each adds in their own distinct manner.