Arthur S. Aubry


PRESS RELEASE: Arthur S. Aubry, May 23 - Aug  1, 2008

Arthur S. Aubry
May 23 – Aug 1, 2008

Gitterman Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of contemporary color photographs by Arthur S. Aubry (b. 1960).   The exhibition will open with a reception for the artist on Thursday, May 22nd from 6 to 8 p.m. and continue through Friday, August 1st.

Photographing in and around the Pacific Northwest, Arthur S. Aubry's color photographs are both expressions of abstraction and documents of a transformed reality.  Aubry combines the modernist tradition of geometric abstraction with a sense of 19th century exploration, engaging in the discovery of hidden subjects.

This exhibition highlights recent work that are tight abstract compositions omitting a horizon and forming strong and stark abstract compositions.  They challenge our perception of scale and our ability to identify something that exists.  While these subjects may have come to a grinding halt long ago, Aubry's photographs suggest a new life for these objects.

Aubry urges us to look closer and to seek out the beauty that lies obscured all around us.  Under his diligent eye this hidden world is revealed to us in such vivid detail that the old machinery appears almost palpable.  Aubry's sense of composition allows us to make sense of the often confusing clutter of cast aside waste, organizing things dissimilar in their prior use into a comprehensible language of color and form.  In many of these images we get both a sense of what once was, and what now is. Aubry gives us pause to contemplate the transformation and feel the emotional resonance of the abstraction.

Aubry's work is represented in many institutional collections including: the Henry Art Museum, Seattle, WA; King County Public Art Collection, Kent, WA; Microsoft Corp, Redmond, WA; Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH; SAFECO, Seattle, WA; Seattle Art Museum; and Seattle Arts Commission.